Alright, so you’ve started a magazine. Congratulations. Now all you have to do is promote it—enough that people don’t forget it exists, but not so much that it grows tiresome—compose emails to garner submissions, think of clever articles with unique angles, consider layout, assemble a team of at least a few devoted writers to work consistently with no payment in sight, oh, and you should also probably figure out how one is actually supposed to do all of the above in an appropriate and professional manner.

For all the knowledge irrefutably tied to your university degree, there are some things you must either be naturally inclined to do or be willing to teach to yourself. How to begin, I believe, is one such thing—a thing which you likely had inside of you long before you went to college. But once you have begun, how are you to finish?

Because now you are here. In this nebulous distance between start and end, with nothing more than a few glimmering stars (or is that one over there a planet?) to guide you. What to do? I suppose you could try writing a newsletter, one that winds up coming off more like an essay directed to yourself than to your readers—that works, right?

In all vulnerability (a phrase which should be used more often), I cannot tell you what “works”. Even if I could, I’ve never been one for following directions—just ask any of my old algebra teachers. With CATFOX, I am choosing to take everything as it comes. Yes, I have plans, many of which will be revealed in future newsletters like this one, but there is still so much distance.

Do you write fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction? Are you an artist, a photographer? Have you considered submitting your work to CATFOX? This magazine was created for you. It is a place for your work to be seen beyond the social media microcosm, sans the intimidation factor of submitting to a larger magazine. And the submission process is unbearably simple: all you have to do is email your first and last name ( + IG handle, if you are so inclined) to CATFOXMAG@GMAIL.COM and attach your work. Cover letters appreciated, but not required. Because the magazine is so small as of yet, I will even provide feedback on the work submitted, if that is something you would like. So what’s stopping you?

As for CATFOX’s dear readers: thank you for following me as I chase after those little, glimmering stars. I am so ridiculously grateful for your support.

Talk soon,







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